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Emma Lathan-Powell, PhD


Lab Director

Dr. Lathan-Powell is a Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Auburn University. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from University of South Alabama and completed a predoctoral internship at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University's Grady Trauma Project. Her program of research seeks to reduce barriers to help-seeking and improve systemic responses to gender-based violence by implementing and evaluating trauma-informed programs.

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Hannah Sawyer, MA

Clinical Psychology PhD Student - 3rd Year


Hannah received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Arkansas in 2021. During her time as an undergraduate student, Hannah was a research assistant for the Laboratory for Anxiety and Substance Use Research and Developmental Cognitive Affective Psychophysiology lab at Arkansas and Anxiety and Health Behaviors lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Further, she successfully defended an honors thesis examining the relationship between alcohol intoxication, bystander intervention, self-blame, and symptoms of PTSD among survivors of sexual assault. Hannah is currently a third-year graduate student in the AU clinical psychology program. Her research interests include interpersonal and gender-based violence and its sequela (i.e., PTSD, suicidality, negative health outcomes). Further, she is interested in improving and developing prevention and treatment efforts in these areas. 


Bri Jackson, MA


Clinical Psychology PhD Student - 4th Year

Bri received her Bachelors in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018. Shortly after, she began working as a Research Coordinator at the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics (VIPBG) and the VCU Medical Center before coming to Auburn in 2020. Bri's research interests focus on the assessment of PTSD and its overlap with CPTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Bri is currently a fourth-year student in the AU Clinical Psychology program.

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Hailie Suarez-Rivas

Clinical Psychology PhD Student - 1st Year

Hailie graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a B.S. in psychology and criminal justice in 2022. As an undergraduate student, she was a research assistant at the Child and Family Perseverance (CHAMP) lab and Team Research Inspiring Action at VCU. Following her graduation, Hailie completed a 2-year post-baccalaureate research fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health in the Sleep and Neurodevelopment Service. Hailie is currently an incoming first-year graduate student in the AU Clinical Psychology program. Her research interests center on trauma, stress, interpersonal violence and its outcomes in varying areas (e.g., psychopathology, development, interpersonal relationships, health). Further, she’s interested in creating trauma informed systems and creating resiliency promoting interventions within these organizations (i.e., healthcare, the criminal justice system, school systems).


Seba Bakoyema

Undergraduate Student

Seba is a senior at Auburn University pursuing his BA in Psychology and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. He is excited to explore how to better support those who have experienced severe trauma that commonly leads to PTSD. He is especially interested in how race and gender may impact outcomes.


Lily Sfida

Undergraduate Student

Lily is a sophomore at Auburn University pursuing her BA in Psychology and plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is excited to work in the LOTUS lab and explore the use of trauma-informed care with those who have been through severe traumatic events. She is especially interested in how trauma-informed care can be shaped to best support victims of gender-based violence.

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Aubrey Miles

Undergraduate Student

Aubrey is a senior at Auburn University and plans to pursue a graduate degree in clinical/counseling psychology. She is interested in interpersonal trauma and is excited to learn more through the LOTUS lab. She is curious about the relationship between severe trauma and the various possible outcomes (PTSD, suicidality, etc). She has a special interest in child and adolescent psychopathology, so she is looking forward to expanding her scope to other age groups through this lab.


Olyvia Stone

Undergraduate Student

Olyvia is a senior at Auburn University and plans to continue her education toward a graduate degree in clinical psychology. She is looking forward to learning more about interpersonal trauma through the LOTUS lab! She hopes to generalize this experience to her interest of child and adolescent psychopathology regarding how trauma-informed care can be used to support a wide range of age groups and family settings.

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